Welcome New Toyota GR Sports Car Owners!

You are in the right place to register for your complimentary track day. 

You can expect to receive your NASA membership information via mail/email within 60 days following the purchase of your vehicle. This will include your NASA membership code that will allow you to register for your complimentary track day.

Exclusive for GR customers, G-LOC Brakes is offering a one-time 30% discount on the purchase of new brake pads.

* Valid in U.S. only. For qualified drivers over 18 years of age, with a valid driver’s license. Participation in high performance driving creates a risk of personal injury or death and may cause damage to your vehicle that is not covered by your insurance or warranty. Please refer to your insurance policy and your vehicle’s Warranty and Maintenance Guide that describes the terms and conditions of Toyota’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty coverage as well as general owner responsibilities.


National Auto Sport Association. “We’re the race guys, not the space guys!” NASA was founded in California in 1991 to deliver high quality motorsports events to enthusiasts at major racing venues throughout the nation. NASA has created programs that allow owners of both racecars and high-performance street-driven vehicles to enjoy the full performance capabilities of their cars in a controlled environment. NASA offers many different programs that will allow you to enjoy motorsports on a number of different levels, including our High Performance Driving Events (HPDE), Rally Sport, Time Trial, Car Control Clinics, NASA-X (Autocross), and Competition Racing programs (sprint and endurance format.) Learn more at drivenasa.com.

NASA memberships are fulfilled monthly and you can expect to receive your membership information via mail/email within 60 days following the purchase of your vehicle. This will include your NASA membership code that will allow you to register for your complimentary track day.
For more info or questions, please contact us via the contact form at the bottom of the page. 
Once you’ve received your NASA membership info via email/mail, you can head over to our registration page and select the event you’d like to sign up for and click the red “register” button.

From there, you’ll add the event to your shopping cart and enter the membership code located in your membership packet, and click the blue “Apply” button. This will take the balance in you cart to $0. 
Once complete, you can expect to receive a confirmation email with your event details.
We suggest you reserve your spot at least 30 days in advance, as space is limited.
For more info or questions, please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page. 

The NASA HPDE cancellation policy requires a minimum of 14-days notice before your scheduled event. If for any reason you are unable to attend, please send us an email at [email protected] or call us at 844-477-8772. You will forfeit your complimentary track day if we do not hear from you 14-days prior to your event. Regretfully, we cannot make any exceptions to this policy. Please know that NASA events do not cancel due to rain.

Events run rain or shine. We strongly encourage you to come ESPECIALLY when it rains. It can typically be an even better learning opportunity. Multi-national-champion TRD/Scion racer, Dan Gardner, had this to say: “There’s a reason we often use a wet skid pad to teach car control. When it’s wet, you really learn to become one with the car, and it accelerates learning about oversteer and understeer. In the many rain races, I’ve competed in, you really can watch driver talent shine, as you often see “slower” cars passing “faster” cars in the wet.”

Absolutely you can take your stock GR sports car to the track! Do keep in mind that consumable items such as tires and brakes may wear at a significantly increased rate, and are impacted by things such as driving style, track layout, track surface and condition, temperature, etc.

The HPDE Program is our high-performance driving school on an enclosed road course. It’s designed for licensed drivers in streetcars like Toyota GR sports cars. Please know that your track day will start early and run all day. Expect classroom instruction, on-track driving and plenty of socializing with other sports car enthusiasts. Instructors are provided free-of-charge for all beginner drivers. For additional info please see https://drivenasa.com/hpde/.

Please know that you MUST bring a helmet with you in order to participate in your High Performance Driving Event. Your helmet must have a Snell SA 2005 (or better) certification.

As an added benefit for Toyota GR sports car owners only, G-FORCE Racing Gear is offering a one-time 25% discount on the purchase of a new helmet.

For helmet sizing information: https://www.gforce.com/pages/helmet-size

If you would like to borrow a helmet for your first track day you may reach out to the regional director of your event to reserve one prior to arriving.  https://members.drivenasa.com/regions

HPDE INTRO is available at select NASA events and designed specifically for people brand-new to driving on a racetrack. If HPDE-INTRO isn’t an option, you should register for HPDE1.  If you are a certified professional driver you can register for any level of HPDE. If you are still not sure or have other questions, please call us at 844-477-8772.

Absolutely, yes, we recognize outside experience as long as it is equivalent (especially in terms of passing rules and car counts.) If you already have previous track experience, we will work with you to get you placed into the right group. If you do not gain clearance before your first event you will be placed in HPDE Level 1.

You may be guided by a certified driving-instructor implementing a lead-follow technique or you may receive in-car instruction.

You can spend some time reading through the NASA rules related to the HPDE program which can be found here. (Club Codes & Regulations) Section 3-8 are what you should familiarize yourself with. As the event approaches, you will also receive a pre-event email with much more information specific to your event.

Drivers in all our run groups need to put big unique numbers on both sides of the car for ease of identification from all manned flag stations on the circuit as well as the control tower. Communication is nearly constant during an event day about which car is first in the group to take the green flag, which is last to take the checkered flag, which just had a spin or 4-off, which is developing a mechanical problem, and so forth – but all of that is based on car number and to a lesser extent color and type (because some may not know exactly what an “Turbulence Gray GR Supra” is, but everyone can usually recognize “Gray Toyota #55.”) 

Numbers need to be at least 8-10″ tall and of a contrasting color on bodywork not glass for visibility reasons, so they can be seen from up to several hundred feet from the track surface. They also need to be unique inside of each run group (i.e., we can’t have two cars that are both #7 in HPDE1 and 2, but a #7 in HPDE2 and a #7 in the race group is fine – because they’re never on track simultaneously) for identification purposes, so we know who’s driving each car. Blue painters’ tape or masking tape is preferred because it doesn’t leave residue, unlike duct tape. Or even better, get some custom numbers from the many online vinyl suppliers.

Yes! As a NASA member, you may enter and participate in any event for which you are qualified or simply attend NASA motorsports events as a spectator.

NASA offers events through their regions at nearly every road racing facility in the country. If you don’t see an event currently listed at a track near you, check back for updates and please see the map for track locations.

Your membership expires 1 year after the purchase of your new Toyota GR sports car.




Contact us below or call directly at 844-477-8772 Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm PT.